Juno ! Story

Harder than it should be.

Every album has a name. Many are given names that are chosen because they sound cool or because they are a phrase that just seems to stick in the head. “Harder than it should be” is a line from one of our own songs, and more importantly the motto which kept our band together during the times when fate seemed to do its best to bring everything crashing around our ears.

Sifting through the bonus tracks here brings back a lot of memories of the past few years as some of these were the first we ever recorded. Also some of the members and good friends who have passed through the bands cast of millions.

Among my personal highlights of Juno! I would place the following in no particular order.

Jamie’s trusty Hammond organ not working and billowing smoke because it was full of potatoes from the farm we practiced in. Not to mention all the hasty synth/guitar repairs carried out with 2 minutes to spare before the gig.

Jason turning up approximately one minute before the cameras transmission of one of the first televised live internet gigs because he didn’t want to rush his Tiramisu

Being hit in the eye with a Glow stick onstage at the Rockness festival and knowing the culprit was one of the bands closest friends.

Returning to the studio during the mixing of “Higher” to find our producer Steven had turned all the lights off and was dancing along waving a bottle of beer above his head. He also guested live on guitar and managed to initiate our one and only “plug pulling” owing to his football commentary……………

Playing King Tuts and immediately driving through the night to Scarborough beach for a Tallboy gig.

The surge of excitement at a packed Barfly when Join Me Make The Music kicked off and people started singing along.

The various car malfunctions that we have had on EVERY tour and most gigs we have played including high speed blow outs, collapsing jacks, and equipment rolling through our car windows.

Amanda agreeing to sing on These Boys Are Athletes and hearing the final playback

And lastly the satisfaction of finally hearing “These boys are Athletes” play listed on national radio and knowing it was all worthwhile.

I hope you enjoy this record as much as we enjoyed making it!