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Describing this month’s One’s to watch – Juno, superlatives fly off the tongue. Juno is undoubtedly, the happiest, liveliest, coolest, cheekiest, warmest, most fun band in Glasgow. With members from Fife, Glasgow and even Tokyo, Juno is a band that can truly claim to be International. Four core members - swelling to a mammoth eight when all part time collaborators join in, Juno are a spectacle on stage. Boasting collaborations with part time member, the lovely, quirky – Manda Rin (formerly of Bis, who were one of the first unsigned bands to ever get a top 40 hit). It’s no surprise Juno Vs Manda Rin is a highly acclaimed project. The band ended the year on a high with their collaboration “These Boys Are Athletes” (released on Oxford’ renowned, ultra cool, Shifty Disco outfit), ending up on every top ten single list across the UK. Live beats, samples, an array of electronic toys and an arsenal of percussive instruments. It’s almost mandatory for every member of Juno to own a tambourine and they also love swapping instruments. There is a real DIY element to their live show, in a fun and unpredictable sense. Juno are performers as well as musicians, capable of interacting with and including their audience. Their gigs are full of enjoyment and all about having fun. With witty, audacious lyrical content, there is no pretentiousness in Juno. “Join Me Make The Music” is a track, which in many respects personifies the bands lively, interactive shows which always involve a degree of audience participation in the form of dancing, singing and tambourine antics. Recently supported a host of current, buzz bands like Glasvegas, but perhaps most suitably and complimentary to their own sound they’ve played with New Zealand’ criminally young, baby faced teens, Operator Please, who were delighted with Juno. Juno are vibrant, buzzing electronica which will overwhelm your senses and stick in your brain like the fluffy bubble-gum electro pop that Juno Vs Manda Rin have completely mastered. The band successfully merges a whole range of different influences. Think of a cheerful mixture incorporating the best of Happy Mondays, Primal Scream and New Order and your getting close. With substance, unrivalled performance and an ability to get their crowd excited, Juno are a must see band. It’s rumored that there are several ultra cool labels chasing the bands signature. 2008 is not just full of promise for Juno – it’s theirs for the taking!

Rough Trade Release

'These boys are athletes' and 'smoke and mirrors' are the explosive new collaborations from Juno! and Manda Rin, and are released by oxford's renowned shifty disco records. without doubt Juno! and manda rin have created the coolest and probably cheekiest pop song in years. A collision of buzzing electronica and infectious choruses this song means business, and has created a myspace stampede!

Neu Magazine Single Review

It is clear from the word go that this collaboration is successful and not one to be sceptical of. Juno! Vs. Manda Rin have created a single, oozing cheek and coolness. 'These Boys Are Athletes' has an almost cheerleader-type charm to it without being too tacky. If Shifty Disco Records’ name had to be summed up by the sound of one song, this is that song. With thumping drum and bass combining with such ease with the simplistic melodies and audacious vocals, it is clear that this single must not be the only release from this collaboration. 'Smoke and Mirrors' is just as good, if not better. It is catchier than 'These Boys Are Athletes' and rightfully makes this release a Double A –Side. It shows a great range of influences from many different sub-genres of electronica and rock and they each combine well to create this fantastic song. Buzzing electronica and catchy choruses is potentially a great recipe for a successful new collaboration and Juno! Vs. Manda Rin have cooked up a storm. If this is a sign of what is to come in 2008, it’s going to be one amazing year. Guy Purssell

Clyde 1 Single Review

'These Boys are Athletes' featuring Manda Rin on the surface gives a sweetly Barbie girl vocal but punches back hard with the regional lilt. Don’t believe all that you hear, you ain’t going to see this lass wearing pink and crying for her hair straighteners which is as it should be. The band sound like New Order, crossed with The Scream and the Happy Mondays, lighten it up a notch and there you have it, electro pop in its purest form, alive and kicking official! They have the potential to be the soundtrack to the next club generation, bring it on!

Daily Record review of "These Boys Are Athletes"

“Poptastic electro pop from Juno! and Bis singer Manda Rin.”

Daily Record

Manda Rin adds her unique vocal style to Jet Set Juno! , Juno’s new big party anthem. 4/5 stars

Tartan Underground.

“Juno! are a cute band! Pure holiday. Laid-back and warm, a mixture of Baggy vocals, uber- twee and electro-pop. for sure be big in Japan. This tune is so bubble-gummy that when I shut my eyes and dance to it I feel like a cartoon.

Blogspot 45

Or rather, these boys aren't athletes, as is actually sung on the record. It appears this is some kind of a tribute to the much derided 'indie boy physique', in all its diminutive and sporadically hairy glory, (disclaimer - I love indie boys!). If you squint at the sticker, you'll find that it read 'Poptastic Electro Record', which is true in a pleasingly inept way that seems right and fitting when you discover that Manda Rin happens to be her out of Bis. Cutesy, boys vs. girl’s vox like a teen flick gone wonkily low budget complete with low budget handclaps, twenty-pee "electro" reminiscent of the days when Helen Love ruled the planet and Late of the Pier were in detention - it's all here! And, just to make things clear, there is no link between this and any films you may have recently seen.

The Scotsman

Juno! Are one of the liveliest live bands to catch our attention in recent months, with their buzzing electro-pop combining vocals, samples and an arsenal of percussive instruments? Boasting members from Fife, Glasgow and even Tokyo, this four-piece (swelling to a mammoth eight when part-time members join in), have an uncanny ability to engage with their audience, converting their gigs into a musical party. Their song These Boys Are Athletes is the perfect track of the month

New Band A Day

Juno! should have popped up on my radar almost instantly because of their association with Manda Rin, of Bis fame. She pops up here and there on their songs, puncturing the noise hyperactively and as idiosyncratically as ever. On Party Music, the lolloping relationship between the guitar and drums reminds me a bit of Happy Mondays, and this can only be a suitably happy comparison to draw. Jet Set Juno is a weirdnik Teen-C/electro-rock squash-up that sounds like it belongs as the theme song to the imaginary TV show featuring the cartoons you used to doodle at the back of French Class at school. These Boys Are Athletes has been rattling around for a year, but it's still as much of a chant-along futuro-pop monster as it was a year ago, all power chords and carefree bleeping. It's always a joy to hear a band that are clearly drawing a huge amount of fun just from being in a band together. Juno are like that. It's an even bigger joy when the band in question make music that's just as much fun to listen to as well. Juno are like that too. Juno's songs would go down just as well in an Indie disco as in a roomful of sugar-buzzed 8 year olds


Glasgow/Fife/Tokyo electro pop elves Juno! play Capitol this Friday. A Candy striped , raved up take on The Pills n Thrills era Happy Mondays , expect to hear more of their debut album when they support the reformed Bis at King Tuts in April!!

Pinups Nights

A band that we'd describe as Happy Mondays Gone Electro. Their records always sound terrific

Jim Gellatly

Got me grooving on a rainy Tuesday morning!

Hope & Anchor, London. Press Release

JUNO!- Glasgow via Fife and Tokyo based electro/rave pop 6 piece. A smattering of baggy and post rock too.....Laconic cool pop with more hooks than the a fishing tackle shop being run by Peter Hook and the bloke out of Dr Hook...New Order/ Go Team / Happy Mondays / Orange Juice / Can / Stone Roses...has an irreverent cheeky feel and some real pop plausibility. They must be contenders!

Is This Music? Magazine, Paul McVitie

Evil Heat-period Primal Scream: meaty bassline, robo-beats and percussion, and buzzing electronica.

Daily Record, Rick Fulton on The Razz:Pop Soundcheck

While many young bands try to emulate Oasis, Juno! have seen the brilliance of Primal Scream and followed their lead. And what a result. This group should be out there with Kasabian, knocking hell out of the charts and R&B nonsense that's clogging up the Top 10. It's not just the louche, half-whispered vocals that owe a lot to Bobby Gillespie. Production is near to perfect. Using drums, guitars and bass, they add some toe-tapping synthesizer bleeps, squeaks and grooves. Their Atom Bomb City has a floor-filling groove but also sounds perfect for driving down dark country lanes. Cut It Loose, with its sirens and beats, is a quirky, slower-paced tune with some nifty keyboard work. The start of Wonderful sounds like more of a club tune, with a sparse teutonic groove, rumbling bass and Human League- style synthesizer melody. But it all settles down into a blissed-out, come-down track with trumpets. Juno! are one of the best new unsigned bands I've heard.

Fanzine Interview

Enigmatic Fife five piece Juno! have been causing quite a stir on the Scottish scene since a national newspaper review at the turn of the year saw them being compared favourably to Primal Scream and current media darlings Kasabian.These comparisons don’t necessarily sit easily with the boys themselves however, who would prefer to be viewed in their own light: “We try to create our own thing and feel that we’ve definitely found our own sound." says Jason, bass player from the band. "Sure we’ve got influences, that’s inevitable, but we’re a sum of our parts - with a bit extra on top”. Certainly their use of live drums and bass, combined with drum machines, guitars, keyboards and percussion does come together to create a mighty cacophony, but one that’s held together by the blinding rhythmic grooves that underpin it all.

Tartan Underground, Katie Craig

There's something about Atom Bomb City that’s pure holiday. Laid-back and warm, a mixture of Baggy vocals, uber-twee and electro-pop. If Juno get signed they will for sure be big in Japan. This tune is so bubble-gummy that when I shut my eyes and dance to it I feel like a cartoon. I wonder if everyone gets that? There’s lots of quirky percussion, nice bells and warm brass. The lyrics are as shoegazer friendly as this.“I've wanted to see you since I read all your band's reviews,” Awww. (It's really "..all your bad reviews") This band are hard to pin actually. Juno are DIY in many ways, like their blatant love of 80’s casio-beats, computer-game-synth noises, and, face it, flat vocals. But this is a well put together single. Where’s the DIY thing of being all over the place and shoddily recorded? This single sounds more studio than bedroom, and the band members can actually play. What’s that about? Could they be the D.I.Y. band that loved what they were doing so much they got good at it by accident? Let’s all pretend that, ‘cause it’s a cute story, and Juno are a cute band.

The Big Issue, McStravick's Aural Pleasures

Well endowed musically, Juno are an OMD-esque electronic band. With melodic orchestral strings dining with analogue synths, Juno’s noir pop is a musical feast. It may be early days but with music this astute, you can’t help but feel ‘Enola Gay’ is in there somewhere.

Live Reviews

Clyde 1 King Tut's Gig Review supporting Robots in Disguise

Its official Clyde 1 Unsigned has finally found the happiest band on the planet! Forget the typical stony faced, aloof chill normally associated with a band, these guys and featured gal Manda Rin are joy & warmth personified. Their onstage presence is mighty good they are luminous, unpredictable and energetic. With an unnatural obsession with anything that glows in the dark and the odd megaphone thrown in for good measure, this band are making sure that everyone in the venue are having a good time. Stick with them long enough and you might even become a member, their door is always open. With samples from Sesame St to Mortal Kombat they certainly aren’t predictable and the mishmash of sounds are going to make even the most cynical listener turn round and face the music. In roman mythology, Juno is the queen of all the gods; yup this band should be right up there looking down on all they survey. Let it wash over you, and lose your heart to Juno.

The Mill Opening night with Thomas Tantrum and Futureheads

Juno are a breath of fresh air so full of energy almost mad at points but great. loved every minute of both sets.

Hinterland 2009

Something a little more challenging is occurring down the road at the beautiful Classic Grand, by the name of Juno! Easily dismissed on first glance as duff, unfilleted post-nu-rave cod, it turns out that the seven-piece (I think) are to my ears what Art Brut are to my heart. With glowsticks wrapped around their glasses, they’re all simply adorable. The two frontmen jump around in a joyous frenzy, and the rest of the band play plinky, disco-led funpop including ‘Party Music’ and successfully bring the fun back in. And it’s a bonus that Bis’ Manda Rin appears for a song, a bit of a “wow, my gosh I’m in Glasgow and it’s buzzing and I bloody love it” moment to be quite honest. What a sap

Red Square

Definite crowd pleasers Juno’s insatiable energy and flamboyant dancing was reminiscent of a theatrical show

The List

Definite crowd pleasers, Juno!’s insatiable energy and flamboyant dancing is endearingly virginal and Juno already have an ear for a tune and the makings of a decent pop act.

Is this Music 2007

Support band Juno! are a member down tonight but a dynamic combination of electro-laced Gossip-esque tunes and enthusiastic “woohoo”s from frontman James ensures that what they lack numbers, they make up for in pounding funkadelic beats. One slightly inebriated female fan decides to hijack the stage, wrap her leg around the microphone stand and indulge in a spot of what may only be described as grinding. Making off with James’s tambourine, she half-gallops, half-stumbles into the crowd and is promptly escorted out of the venue.she half-gallops, half-stumbles into the crowd and is promptly escorted out of thevenue


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Jet Set Juno! On Rolling Stone website
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Nice comments from Blogs/fans

Hoozah! Played your track with Juno! out the other day. some kid danced like I’ve never seen anyone dance before. it was scary! - Late of the Pier

"The finest Glasgow indie band with male and female vocal. It’s a Perfect burst disco pop!!!"
- Peanuts Records (Japan)

Hinterland Bloggers
By complete contrast, downstairs in the same venue were Glaswegian Indie poppers Juno, whose numerous members, including, for a couple of songs, Bis’ Manda Rin, would be worthy runners-up in the Band Enjoyment stakes. Like a manic Go! Team with an electro edge, their insane racket samples freely. It’s infectious fun, and how many gigs do you come away from with a set of toy maracas these days?

Juno! at Hinterland festival were amazing, what a funky band, will definitely look them up.